MINUS1ONE: The Story of a “Repeat Defender”

At YOUHANGIT, we know there are much more important things in life than hanging pretty pictures on the wall. In fact, our understanding of how things work—and feel free to correct us—is that if there is not a planet, there won’t be many places to hang adorable spice racks. So with that in mind, it was during the conception of our total product and brand identity that we decided to make our packaging as eco-friendly as humanly possible. So we did. Using what we call “mindful product packaging” means a couple of things for both consumers and the planet.

For consumers who buy YOUHANGIT products, it means you will have a reusable package to store your goodies in no matter how many times you buy. For example, if you purchase a complete YOUHANGIT Designer Kit and later find all you’re in need of are a few new Sexy Metal Hooks, you can simply order as many of those as you need, and when they arrive, you can pop them right in your original Designer Kit so all your picture hanging tools from YOUHANGIT are neatly stored in one place.

For the planet, the MINUS1ONE means so much more. Because the MINUS1ONE is made of PETE#1, the most recyclable plastic on the face of the Earth, once you’re over it you can toss it into your recycle bin and away it goes, ready to be made into something else.

But MINUS1ONE is also about user-friendliness. Rather than being difficult to open, it pops open with tabs quickly and easily unlike similar packaging, which requires scissors or knives, cannot be reused, and is just plain dangerous to be around with its sharp edges that make it unsafe to reuse.

We decided to create the MINUS1ONE packaging for a number of reasons, but we’d be remiss not to mention one final factor: it is our sincere hope that other companies across all thinkable industries will see the MINUS1ONE packaging and rethink their own package design. Our hope is to be motivators—even to our competitors—because when there’s no reason to commit to a healthier planet, none of us can benefit from even the most progressive products out there.

You might say that to the Earth-loving YOUHANGIT family, the reusable MINUS1ONE package is as much a work of art as anything we help you hang.

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Busted: We love Earth.

Busted: We love Earth.